Beg a job? No way!

My Mum asked me to apply for A company directly in its HR.
The only reason of it is my uncle who works for that company told her that the company is recruiting.

Have to say, payment of that company is fair.
Question remains, why is that company?

I don’t know what job should I try, it is not in my major.
Oh yes, I did not wish to find a job in my major.
But I don’t think that company would think the same: it did not come to my university, although some other universities in this city are on its list.
What’s the difference between this company and any other companies?
What can I say if I was asked to choose a job in this company?

What do you have to lose? So you’re going to lock you inside and only apply on the web?
If I did what she told me to do, it is likely that I come to the HR and keep saying “Give me a job, give me a job…”

No way!


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