Elon Musk’s Boundary-Blurring Relationships With Women at SpaceX

这一节的小标题叫做‘Nothing out of the ordinary’。
每次Space X拿出来的声明,都跟周围人的访谈大相径庭,WSJ的编辑挺会抖包袱的。

In 2017, Musk personally contacted the former intern about a fulltime job at SpaceX, which would be to find problems at the company and fix them. She moved from New York to the Los Angeles area to become a member of Musk’s executive staff. Former employees said that while she was a talented engineer, they found it odd that someone so junior was given such a high-profile role so close to the boss.

She said in one of the affidavits that she believes she was one of many candidates for the role.

After she arrived in California, Musk invited her for drinks and came on to her, touching her breast, friends said she told them at the time. One of them said the woman recalled Musk saying, “Oh, I’m so bad. I shouldn’t be doing this.”

In one of her affidavits, she said, without providing details, “Elon tried to rekindle our relationship prior to my employment, and I rejected the advance. While there was some initial awkwardness, it was nothing out of the ordinary after a rejection.”

She told friends that she was unhappy at SpaceX, had no authority and had trouble getting executives to take her ideas seriously. She told one friend that she sometimes hid in the bathroom at SpaceX.

Source: Exclusive | Elon Musk’s Boundary-Blurring Relationships With Women at SpaceX – WSJ