China’s Ex-Foreign Minister Ousted After Alleged Affair


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Senior Chinese officials—including ministers and provincial leaders—were briefed last month on the party’s investigation into Qin, who served as the Chinese ambassador to the U.S. from July 2021 until January this year, the people said. The senior officials were told the formal reason for Qin’s dismissal was “lifestyle issues,” a common party euphemism for sexual misconduct, according to the people.

The officials were further told that the probe found that Qin had engaged in an extramarital affair that led to the birth of a child in the U.S., two of the people said.

Names of the woman and the child weren’t disclosed to the party officials when they were informed about Qin’s investigation, the people said, and the Journal couldn’t confirm their identities. The investigation is continuing with Qin’s cooperation, the people added, and it is now focusing on whether the affair or other conduct by Qin might have compromised China’s national security.

Source: China’s Ex-Foreign Minister Ousted After Alleged Affair, Senior Officials Told – WSJ



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亨特·拜登的律师团在一份27页的起诉书中将矛头集中对准了两位国税局探员,Gary Shapley和Joseph Ziegler,这两人声称司法部官员在调查总统儿子的过程中行动迟缓且设置阻碍。亨特·拜登的律师辩称,这两名探员在表达对刑事调查处理方式的担忧时,泄露了联邦法律认为应该保密的信息。


Source: 亨特·拜登起诉美国国税局涉嫌侵犯他的隐私 – 华尔街日报