The China Challenge



Look, we have a long-cherished tradition of friendship with the Chinese people. We continue to do so today. We have a Chinese American community here in America that we love and treasure. I’ve known them through business and personal ties; I’ve known many of them.

But I must say that the communist government in China today is not the same as the people of China. They’re reaching for and using methods that have created challenges for the United States and for the world.

And we collectively, all of us, need to confront these challenges from the PRC head-on, and along each of the many facets.

There are many opportunities, to be sure, but it is no longer realistic to ignore the fundamental differences between our two systems and the impact, the impact that those two systems have, the differences in those systems have on American national security.

This is a departure, for sure. It might be viewed as unconventional. It’s not what you’ve heard from leaders for the last two decades plus. Frankly, we’ve been slow to see the risk of China – the risk that it poses to American national security, because we wanted friendship with the People’s Republic from the very start. And because we, as Americans, always continue to hope for that.

But frankly, in our efforts to achieve this goal, we accommodated and encouraged China’s rise for decades, even when – even when that rise was at the expense of American values, Western democracy, and security, and good common sense.

Source: The China Challenge – United States Department of State






Source: 伊川农商行连续第三天出现挤兑 – 华尔街日报



国总统特朗普(Donald Trump)表示,中国和美国正在挑选一个新地点,以签署双方更广泛贸易协议中的第一阶段协议。

特朗普原期望在11月于智利举行的亚太经济合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, 简称APEC)峰会签署该协议。但智利总统皮涅拉(Sebastian Piñera)周三宣布,由于该国首都圣地亚哥的抗议活动不断扩大,已取消举行APEC峰会。


Source: 特朗普称美中正在寻找签署第一阶段贸易协议的新地点 – 华尔街日报