Google 使用 DeepMind 节约制冷电力

DeepMind下围棋感觉一点用都没有? Naive,DeepMind 创建了自己的围棋流派,拓展了棋手对围棋的认知。
调节制冷系统这个事情也体现出了 DeepMind 无人能及的统筹复杂事物的能力。 
同理,DeepMind 用于城市道路拥堵的预防应该也会有很好的效果。 

我比较好奇的是,人类传统擅长的领域,比如会计/审计,是不是也可以让 DeepMind 试试? 

Google Cuts Its Giant Electricity Bill With DeepMind-Powered AI – Bloomberg: “In recent months, the Alphabet Inc. unit put a DeepMind AI system in control of parts of its data centers to reduce power consumption by manipulating computer servers and related equipment like cooling systems. It uses a similar technique to DeepMind software that taught itself to play Atari video games, Hassabis said in an interview at a recent AI conference in New York. The system cut power usage in the data centers by several percentage points, ‘which is a huge saving in terms of cost but, also, great for the environment,’ he said.”