Israel’s Quest to Identify Every Victim of Hamas Leaves Scientists Exhausted, Traumatized


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“Sometimes you look at something and you think it belongs to one person and then you start separating it out and you realize that it is multiple people who were holding each other, close to each other, comforting each other through everything that was happening,” said Peer.

The next bag to be opened contained nothing but bone fragments, all bleached white, an indication that they were subjected to intense heat. The remains were from Nir Oz, where numerous houses were torched and a quarter of its 400 residents were dead or missing after Oct. 7.

No tissue was visible and no DNA was likely to remain in the whitened bones, making identification especially problematic. “The heat was so strong it became like a crematorium,” said Furman. “This is definitely for the anthropologists.”

Another bag brought in later contained even more charred remains. Furman studied the CT scan of the contents, which showed teeth, metal fragments and an unidentifiable piece of bone. Rotating the image on the monitor, she recognized it was a piece of skull with a portion of jaw attached.

Inside the blackened mass, there was a clean round bullet hole in the skull fragment. The tissue still appeared fresh enough to take a viable sample, and there were teeth that could be matched to dental records, making the chances of a positive identification even more likely. 

Source: Israel’s Quest to Identify Every Victim of Hamas Leaves Scientists Exhausted, Traumatized – WSJ



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华盛顿近东政策研究所(Washington Institute for Near East Policy)的军事与安全问题专家Michael Knights说,没有任何空袭的迹象。



白宫国家安全委员会发言人艾德丽安·沃森(Adrienne Watson)说,目前的评估是,基于对空中图像、截获通讯和公开来源信息的分析,以色列不应对加沙医院的爆炸负责。她还说,美国将继续收集有关该事件的信息。


弗吉尼亚州智库海军分析中心(Center for Naval Analyses)的开源情报分析师Blake Spendley说,目前大量证据确实表明,袭击该地区的是哈马斯或巴勒斯坦伊斯兰圣战组织的火箭弹。他说,他看过的视频和照片显示,现场的死亡人数更符合大约50人,而不是哈马斯最初声称的500人。

Source: 美国和专家称有证据表明加沙医院爆炸是杰哈德火箭弹所致 – 华尔街日报